What is a good company name in China ?


What is a good company name in China ?

Brand naming in China has 3 key dimensions:

  1. The incarnation of a vision and values that are the identity of the brand and differentiate it with the competitors
  2. Ownership linguistically and positive association with references for engaging audiences
  3. The legal availability, highly strategic deal with millions of trademarks and domain names registered each year.

Fundamental naming principles in China

  • good-company-name-in-chinaA Chinese name should reflect the brand’s attributes on the Chinese market, and does not necessarily need to be a direct or phonetic translation of the original name.
  • Sometimes, Chinese names are chosen for the similarly of sound to the original brand name, but more often for an associative and relevant meaning.
  • The pronunciations and connotations of the Chinese language varies greatly by region. Testing in the main Chinese dialects to avoid negative associations is critical. Mandarin and Cantonese are the main, but not the only, Chinese dialects.
  • Creating a local- or foreign- sounding Chinese name depends on the brand’s target consumers, competitors, sales locations, industry and other marketplace dynamics.
  • The emphasis on auspiciousness, good fortune, happiness, power, and status is highly important in the Chinese culture.
  • Cultural heritage is also important for Chinese consumers.
  • China’s trademark registration is competitive. Brands must be aware of the intellectual property regulations in China and incorporate this into their brand development process.

Characteristics of a good company name in China

  • A good Chinese company name is descriptive – It helps the local consumer understand what the brand is about.
  • A good Chinese company name is easy to remember.
  • A good Chinese company name conveys a specific feeling.
  • A good Chinese company name differentiates the brand from competitors.
  • A good Chinese company name is visually and acoustically appealing.
  • A good Chinese company name conveys the history of the brand and its essence.
  • A good Chinese company name has a ‘buzz potential’ – It can generate interest and curiosity.

Why trusting Sinonym to find a good company name in China ?

Downstream of brand naming creation in China, each name is scrutinized for its pronunciation, its meaning, its evocations and competition. But upstream, methodology Target Sourcing releases all inspirations. Sinonym involves experts of the name, audiences and advertisers in exploratory creative groups. Physical or virtual, these workshops paint a perceptive assessment of the subject and its context. A participatory and original approach to multiply and optimize the proposed trails.

This is carefree and confident gesture that Sinonym claims the charge of a well designed, unique and salient name. Whether it is for a product or a company, at Sinonym, we make sure to combine both creativity and rigor through your brand-naming process.


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