Sinonym, brand naming in China


Brand identity is key in China

A name reflects the identity of a brand, its past and its future direction. A great Chinese brand name is poetry written within the constraints of the targeted consumer’s mindset and previous branding exposure, the language environment, and of course the intended message and positioning.

Being a name is a tough job. It’s not enough just to engage the consumer. At its best, a great name enhances the memorability, competitive advantages, strategic assets, and emotional associations of the brand or product. Our branding agency based in China will help create a China-focused branding strategy.

Brand naming in China is like walking the narrow bridge between contemporary relevance and future expansion. An ideal name evokes the area of business while leaving leeway to expand or change tack in the event of strategic shifts. It creates meaningful ideas and conveys concepts that add value to its brands and products.

In our branding agency, we know that renaming is a delicate matter but sometimes becomes essential to reconnect with the core identity of your brand, your projects, your past, your customers’ shifting expectation, or on a more practical level because you are legally obligated to do so.

Our naming analysis brings clarity to your products

First, our branding agency will help you express your new brand strategy and in the second we will provide you with alternate names that embody your brand DNA in a way that is distinct from your previous name.

Helping the consumer understand how different brands or products are interconnected takes true marketing prowess. Toning down or highlighting connections between brands is a delicate task. Our branding agency analysis brings discipline, organization and clarity to your products and or brand families.

From your morning cereal to your medicine, consider how often you read packaging copy. With consumers being more and more careful about what they buy, packaging verbal content has become a key buying factor, especially for higher-end products in China. Our branding agency testing helps you shape the consumer experience and enhance brand image.

A great tagline is effortless, inevitable and eventually… unforgettable. It is an exercise in linguistic artistry, summing up the tone and appealing to targeted customers using terms and concepts that are familiar and meaningful to them.

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