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Our consultants’ creativity is one part muse and one part multi-dimensional depth in the culture, literature, traditions and history of the Middle Kingdom. Drawing on this depth, they generate names that are catchy, evocative and meaningful to Chinese ears — while communicating the appropriate brand / product sense to provide the best naming services on the market.

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Simple sounds convey powerful ideas. The goal is for your brand name to trigger the proper emotion with your customers and clients.  Whether it is memory, a texture, a taste, a color, an idea — a name well-selected is a direct link to the emotions. That’s what good naming services are.

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When coining innovative names in our naming services,  we consider the product and the brand’s future and how your brand will be shaped by consumers‘ experiences. A strong name must at the same time resonate with the present and take customers into the future.


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Why investing in your China’s brand name ?

Your market entry in China encounters many challenges. When it comes to setting up the foundation of your branding strategy in China, to find the best company name in Chinese language is a tough but crucial one. Many western firms will argue that their original identity match perfectly their value and is “good enough” for the Chinese market. Others will take the name generation decision lightly and will ask a local staff or relatives to provide with a name. Unfortunately, this decision would go against any basic marketing rule of brand localization and culture adaptation. A good brand naming is the most relevant way to make your impact for your first step in China and develop appeal toward Chinese consumers of any segment.

A good Chinese company name aims to be your brand’s values, vision and history embodiment. It will transfer your brand equity into the Chinese market and add into it a China-roots dimension into it.

What is a good Chinese name

Why working with Sinonym ?

Chinese languages poses a very specific challenges when it comes to choosing your company name in China. Chinese languages combine thousands of characters and a multitude of significance and double-meanings. Moreover, hundred of dialects can be found in Mainland only and each of them can have different meaning for the same spoken words or different pronunciations of the same written words. A brand name that sounds and looks good in one dialect can actually evoke very negative values, be laughable or even offensive in another.

Having a name evoking the wrong values or creating bad buzz among the highly viral Chinese market will lead your branding effort into a dead-end.

Finding the good brand name in China should be rationalized and processed. Combining data-collection methods such as benchmarking, consumer focus groups, market survey, insiders interviews, multi-team workshops and linguistic analysis, the naming process of Sinonym is actually down to a science to figure out the best Chinese name for your brand.

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Creativity and research for brands, products and taglines

Don’t let our emphasis on creativity make you think we’re not meticulous. When our naming services suggest names, they are backed up by thorough study, both quantitative and qualitative.  We leave no room for imprecision when it comes to assessing the quality of the names we offer clients.

Over 5 million valid trademark registration requests have been filed in China.  As soon as our naming services come up with an idea for a name we check its copyright status before we go any further in the process. Same goes for domains. We check the availability of all names we suggest, as well as many permutations. Whether it is a .com .cn .me … we will find one that is available.  And our naming services can also help you select your domain name if there are potential conflicts with your brand name.

Our partnership with Phonemica gives you a unique and unprecedented insight into name choices. Phonemica is a network of Chinese “dialect” lovers, people from Shanghai to Shangri-la who contribute recordings in their local dialects about their local cultures. Every Sinonym name suggestion is checked with a panel of Phonemica users to get feedback on how it resonates in all the languages of China.

Naturally you want to know the details of why our naming services are recommending each name. We provide comprehensive information about each choice, ultimately making you the expert in the naming possibilities and potential trade offs so that you can make an informed decision.


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