Fengshui in Chinese companies’ naming


Is Fengshui still important in Chinese companies’ naming?

Since ancient time, fengshui has been a part of Chinese traditional culture. Nowadays, many Chinese companies still take fengshui into account in naming. Then problems arise: What is Fengshui?Why is Fengshui still important now?And how a Chinese company uses fengshui in brand naming?

Chinese company name should be integrated into the Chinese culture believes

fengshui-company-nameOfficially, fengshui is a kind of metaphysics. Put it simply, it is a summary of harmonious relations between environment and human life. In Chinese,“feng” means wind with signification of vitality; “shui” means water with signification of flow and movement. They are indispensable elements in daily life.

The relatively complete knowledge about fengshui originated from the Warring States Period. The bases of fengshui are Yin and Yang—the opposite energies and Heaven, Earth and Human—the other three influential elements. In early time, fengshui was very popular and mainly applied to site selecting, date selecting, child naming and construction and decoration in palaces, houses and cemeteries.

Generally, Chinese people tend to adopt advantages and avoid disadvantages. And fengshui plays an important role on it. They believe if someone lives in a place with good fengshui, he will gain chance, safety, health and fortune, and so do his future generations.

According to fengshui rules, a person or a company name can be auspicious or inauspicious, which is related to eight characters and its nature of Heaven, Earth and Human. So a good name for Chinese company should not only have a good meaning but also conformity to fengshui rules.

How companies consider Fengshui in their brand name?

Because of the complexity of fengshui in company name analysis, in the old days, businessmen would find fengshui masters to name their shops. Today, a good fengshui master cost expensive amount and the Internet makes things more simple and cheaper. Lots of websites provide company naming or brand name testing service. Some companies will go to these websites to test their names, the challenge is that the analysis given by different website for the same name could be inconsistent and the company should find a website among them that they can trust.

Let’s take De Tai Feng(德泰丰) as an example. On the website, we enter the company name and its sector, the website takes its strokes and eight characters and gives a result of analysis: the name belongs to fire, one of the five elements consisting of earth, water, metal, fire and wood. After that, there is an analysis of the meaning. De(德) means virtuous, Tai(泰)means calm and Feng(丰)means abundant. Finally, the website ranks it globally: the name is auspicious in condition that the staff must work with their heart or the company can’t gain success.

Today,Chinese people still take auspiciousness into consideration in daily life. So whether fengshui is scientific or not, some Chinese companies will still take fengshui seriously in company naming in China to avoid some obstacles in the future development and improve their brand recognition.


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